Who Makes Smart Car

Micro Compact Car AG manufactures smart cars. The headquarters of this company is located in Switzerland and there are a lot of smart cars produced by this company throughout France. Smart cars normally came into being for the use of the people dwelling in European cities. These cars are very light, fuel efficient and can easily be parked anywhere. The car has been designed in such a way that it can easily be parked perpendicularly without facing any kind of problem. There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that smart cars are an expensive buying decision to make and it is only because of this reason that it is very important to consider Who Makes Smart Car and what are the general and special features of a smart car. Smart cars are very new and very unusual in the car market and therefore it is important for people to have an idea about the benefits of a smart car. Smart cars are small in size, but this does not mean that a person would get fooled by the size of a smart car. There are other important benefits of a smart car that should be considered and they are as follows:

Who Makes Smart CarEnvironmentally-friendly

Smart cars are not only small and fuel efficient but they also carry some very special environmentally-friendly features. Smart cars that are manufactured nowadays use innovative, recyclable and energy-efficient material in the process of manufacture and this helps in safeguarding the entire environment. Ninety-five percent of the entire smart car is recyclable and its dash material is also made of recycled synthetics that help in keeping the environment safe and green.

Easy to drive and park

Smart cars can be driven very easily and at the same time it is also very easy to park these cars at any preferred place. A smart car is not more than nine feet long and it is found to be shorter that the tiny Mini Cooper. However, it has to be kept in mind that a smart car can seat only two people. It is the short size of the car that makes it very easy to park the car at any preferred place, especially in short spots or tight spots where it becomes very difficult to fit other cars. Who Makes Smart Car also possesses a good turning radius making it pretty maneuverable.

Great Appearance

Smart car that is presently available in the market is non-arguably exclusive in its appearance and in its design. An individual who has a look of a smart car would not be able to forget the look of the car whether he likes the car or not. The first impression regarding the car is that it is very cute, possesses a cutting edge, has a bit more of chrome and possesses a long section of the hood with updated dashboard area and headlights. The smart car possesses a body cover made out of plastic which can easily be changed in order to give the car a completely new look. People can also go ahead and purchase car wraps with exclusive designs and prints on it to offer the car a great look.

Safety Designs

The smart car is exclusively safe for its users and this is something that many people wonder about. Such a small car with such good safety features, how can it be possible? The smart car has been manufactured for the safety of its users and the safety of the users has been ensured by the safety cell in the car which serves as a cage for safety, advanced and innovative system of brakes and the four airbags. The smart car is also made of three layers of steel in various parts in order to protect the occupants of the cars in times of a sudden crash. The car also contains reinforced axles and door beams made of steel so that the car can be protected from any kind of side impacts during a crash.

Provides Ample Space within

This is one of the most surprising benefits of the smart car. The car is excessively roomy in its interiors. Both the driver and the passenger in the car can enjoy the large leg space in the car and the headroom is also great. All these make it a great car that can be used for having a comfortable and a safe ride.